Lithuanian Culture Institute


  • Małgorzata Gierałtowska

    Małgorzata Gierałtowska

    Polish - native
    Translates from Lithuanian into Polish (written and spoken), from Polish into Lithuanian (spoken)

  • Margarita Santos Cuesta

    Margarita Santos Cuesta

    Spanish - native
    Translates from German, Lithuanian and English into Spanish

  • Marija Čepaitytė

    Marija Čepaitytė

    Native - Russian and Lithuanian
    Translates from Lithuanian into Russian

  • Marija Elena Bacevičiūtė

    Marija Elena Bacevičiūtė

    French – native
    Translates from Lithuanian and English into French

  • Marija Zavjalova

    Marija Zavjalova

    Russian – native
    Translates from Polish, Italian, Lithuanian into Russian

  • Markus Roduner

    Markus Roduner

    He speaks German, Rhaetian, French, Latin, Greek, Lithuanian, Karaim, Kartuli and several other languages. His research interests lie in the history and development of small languages, their relationships and their influence on other languages. He is one of the initiators of teaching Samogitian language in Lithuanian schools.

  • Mirjana Bračko

    Mirjana Bračko

    Croatian - native
    Translates from Russian, French, Lithuanian and Slovenian into Croatian

  • Nana Devidze

    Nana Devidze

    Kartuli - native
    Translates from Lithuanian and Russian into Kartuli.

  • Paulina Ciucka

    Paulina Ciucka

    Polish - native
    Translates from Lithuanian to Polish

  • Paulina Vituščanka

    Paulina Vituščanka

    Belarusian - native
    Translates from Lithuanian to Belarusian

  • Pietro U. Dini

    Pietro U. Dini

    Italian – native
    Translates from Lithuanian, Latvian and Catalan into Italian

  • Reeta Tuoresmäki

    Reeta Tuoresmäki

    Native – Finnish
    Translates from Lithuanian into Finnish