About Us

The Lithuanian Culture Institute

is a state budgetary institution founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Its function is to promote Lithuanian culture abroad and to present Lithuania to the world through culture. Until 2014, it was known as the International Cultural Programme Centre. It undertakes the following principal activities:

– organizes and coordinates diversified representational Lithuanian cultural programmes abroad;
– implements cooperative bilateral and multilateral exchanges as well as cultural programmes in Lithuania and abroad;
– works closely with and implements projects of the cultural attaches of the Republic of Lithuania in foreign countries;
– promotes Lithuanian literature abroad: consults and informs foreign publishers and translators on issues concerning Lithuanian literature; organizes seminars for translators and publishers; organizes presentations and creative sessions of Lithuanian writers abroad; and administers a translation promotion programme;
– organizes and administers the cultural events programme at the annual Vilnius Book Fair;
– coordinates Lithuania’s participation in the Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens programmes of the European Union;
– prepares and disseminates information about Lithuanian culture, artists and creative works;
– produces informational publications that promote Lithuania’s art and culture.

Mission of the Lithuanian Cultural Institute:

To represent Lithuanian professional art abroad effectively and constructively

Operational objectives:

– to promote Lithuania through culture;
– to increase the international scope of the cultural field;
– to contribute to foreign policy strands and to the formation of cultural diplomacy;
– to promote dialogue and mutual trust;
– to strengthen the creative and cultural industries;
– to promote translations;
– to advance global Lithuanian artists;
– to ensure accurate communications.