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Lithuanian Culture Guide

  • Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary Dance

    The contemporary dance scene in Lithuania is still relatively young compared to theatre, but it is changing continually and developing fast.... »»»

  • Music


    The Lithuanian state is only a century old; however, it has come a much longer way in terms of cultural life.... »»»

  • Literature


    You would expect that, in a civilised country like Lithuania, the year would end on 31 December... »»»

  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts

    Lithuania’s cultural development, like that of other countries, was affected by increasingly globalised political and economic processes... »»»

  • Theatre


    Theatre has been known in Lithuania since the 16th century, when plays started to be staged in manor houses and at Vilnius University... »»»

  • Cinema


    For more than two decades, Lithuanian cinema has continued to garner international attention... »»»

  • Architecture


    Lithuanian architecture is modern and dynamic. It reflects the nation’s cultural traditions and its social and economic situation... »»»

  • Design


    All of design is connected to the creation and use of experiences; only the nature of it varies widely... »»»