Lithuanian Culture Institute

About the Translation Grant Programme

If you are considering the translation and publication of a book by a Lithuanian author in your country, this information is especially for you. 

By becoming a public administration institution and adding a Competitions Funding Unit, which will now also coordinate selection competitions, the Lithuanian Culture Institute is updating and continuing one of its most important activities – the programme to promote translations of Lithuanian literature. Over the several decades of its existence, this programme has become the widest gateway to the world for Lithuanian literature. Thanks to this programme, 540 translations of books by Lithuanian authors into 43 languages have been financed by the Lithuanian state. For literature in a language with only 3.3 million users worldwide, this is a remarkable achievement. 

One of the more notable changes in the revamped programme to promote translations of Lithuanian literature is the easier application process. From now on, applications must be completed and submitted directly on the Institute’s website, attaching the necessary supporting documents. Applications submitted will be automatically registered and the applicant will receive a generated response indicating receipt of the application and informing about the further course of the competition.   

Other changes to the programme relate to the change in the legal status of the Lithuanian Culture Institute. This, in turn, means a clearer and at the same time more coherent and detailed regulation of the implementation of selection competitions – from the administrative compliance check of applications, expert evaluation, allocation of funds, to the payment procedure for the implemented project. All these changes are described in detail in the documents, which we strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with before submitting an application. We hope that these changes will make competitions for the promotion of translations of Lithuanian literature even more transparent and attractive to any publisher who decides to publish and distribute a work by a Lithuanian author of their choice in their country.  

For a detailed description of opened Programme funding competition, its objectives and selection conditions, please click HERE