Lithuanian Culture Institute
  • Agnė Kananaitienė

    Agnė Kananaitienė

    Born: January 6, 1984. 2002 Raseiniai Žemaitis Gymnasium. 2006 Vilnius Academy of Art, Kaunas Art Faculty, Printmaking Department, BA. CONTACTS …

  • Agnes Indre

    Agnes Indre

    Retreat through the windows of reality is always fun, leading us to our childhood or any other dream (it’s also …

  • Aidas Paberžis

    Aidas Paberžis

    Try to see the world through the eyes of your childhood, as if for the first time; with joy and …

  • Arvydas Každailis

    Arvydas Každailis

    Creating for children is a special task. Such creation could be referred to as applied art as there are certain …

  • Austėja Slavickaitė

    Austėja Slavickaitė

    Born: December 14, 1991. 2009 Kaunas Antanas Martinaitis Art School. 2009 At present a student at Vilnius Academy of Art, …

  • Birutė Zokaitytė

    Birutė Zokaitytė

    Children are like seedlings that grow to become either wonderful flowers or thorny bushes. When drawing illustrations for children, I …

  • Deimantė Rybakovienė

    Deimantė Rybakovienė

    Books…They live next to children and can be big and small, ornate and humble, redolent of paint or of mother’s …

  • Edvardas Jazgevičius

    Edvardas Jazgevičius

    Children’s book illustration offers unlimited possibilities for imagination. It’s a fascinating opportunity to supplement the narrative with one’s own images, …

  • Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė

    Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė

    I draw not only for children, but also for adults. I have been drawing since I was a child – …

  • Eglė Kuckaitė

    Eglė Kuckaitė

    I consciously cherish the child within me. I simultaneously experience the literary text and the thoughts and emotions of the …

  • Evelina Paukštytė

    Evelina Paukštytė

    Born: 1980. 2001 Kaunas School of Arts, diploma in ceramics. 2006 Vilnius Academy of Art, Printmaking Department, BA. 2008 Vilnius …

  • Ieva Babilaitė

    Ieva Babilaitė

    Illustrating to me is a way of conveying an emotional movement, accompanying the reader to the very whirlpool of action, …