Lithuanian Culture Institute
  • Lina Eitmantytė-Valužienė

    Lina Eitmantytė-Valužienė

    I experience great pleasure and joy when reading children’s books. The world they depict is bright, sincere and happy; it …

  • Lina Žutautė

    Lina Žutautė

    When reading a children’s book, I am immediately overwhelmed by various images begging to be drawn. I almost do not …

  • Marius Jonutis

    Marius Jonutis

    First of all, I try to remember what illustrations I myself found beautiful or exciting as a child; I don’t …

  • Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis

    Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis

    I create for myself. Not for children and not for adults. When an artist draws what he himself finds beautiful, …

  • Nomeda Marčėnaitė

    Nomeda Marčėnaitė

    When reading books by other authors, I feel invited into the world of the writer, where I am welcome to …

  • Paulius Juodišius

    Paulius Juodišius

    Creating is great fun. I do my best to have as much of it in my life as I can. …

  • Raminta Šumskytė

    Raminta Šumskytė

    1988 Skills Improvement Institute, Animation Artist. 1990 GosKino Skills Improvement Institute, Animation Artist. 2007 Vilnius Academy of Art, Printmaking Department, …

  • Rasa Joni

    Rasa Joni

    Creating works for children is like eating tasty candies. Born: August 21, 1984, Kaunas, Lithuania. She studied at Kaunas Martinaitis …

  • Rimantas Rolia

    Rimantas Rolia

    I leave a book about flowers and cats happy, with my hands covered in watercolours, and a book about devils …

  • Rimvydas Kepežinskas

    Rimvydas Kepežinskas

    When drawing for children one should not pretend, as children can smell bluff. They are uncorrupted. Born: January 23, 1956, …

  • Rolandas Rimkūnas

    Rolandas Rimkūnas

    Children are our future. And so creating for them is both great joy and great responsibility. You have to speak …

  • Rūta Deltuvaitė

    Rūta Deltuvaitė

    Born: October 23, 1975. 1993 Juozas Naujalis Art School. 1998 Vilnius Academy of Art, Kaunas Art Faculty, Printmaking Department, BA. …