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Ieva Babilaitė

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Ieva Babilaitė

Illustrating to me is a way of conveying an emotional movement, accompanying the reader to the very whirlpool of action, allowing him to experience the story from inside. I have always liked to imagine things, something invisible to the eye… Sometimes shadows, unknown spaces and colour combinations provoke new unreal images. I have recently drawn a blue bear. Serious people would say they don’t exist, but when you get a nice drawing, you start to doubt whether blue bears really don’t exist…

Born: September 19, 1973, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1990 Finished M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, Graphic Art and Design Unit.
1996 BA in Graphic Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts.
1999 Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Ieva Babilaitė creates prints, art objects and photography, paints, writes and illustrates books. The artist is fascinated with calligraphy and uses hand-made paper for her artwork. She organizes exhibitions and projects. Her sources of inspiration and themes are travelling and the national heritage. Her most recent and interesting project is Madonna of Sapieha (2008), an exhibition of illustrations of the miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary in Vilnius.
The artist takes part in the exhibitions of calligraphy, painting, print compositions, photography, hand-made paper, mini print, artistic carpets. She has held 8 solo exhibitions in Lithuania, two in the Netherlands (2002, 2004). She participated in the painting and drawing exhibition in the Netherlands (2000), 5th International Paper Triennial” Musee du Pays et Val de Charmey”, Charmey, Switzerland (2005), International Tallinn Illustration Triennial (2006), International Calligraphy Exhibition in Westerlo (Belgium, 2007), the exhibition “Travelling Letters”, St. Petersburg (Russia, 2008), the book art exhibition “From Drawing to Book”, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius (2009), etc.
 “Illustrarium: Contemporary Lithuanian Children’s Book Illustration“, Bologna children’s book fair, Italy, 2011.
 Travelling exhibition “Contemporary Lithuanian Children’s Book Illustration“, Italy, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, 2013.
2012 the artist received the 1st Premium at the Book Art Exhibition for the book “Vaizdai iš gyvenimo bobulytės ir kt.”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2005 the artist received the Premium of the Most Beautiful Lithuanian Books Competition for the book “Ulė ir peliukas”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Vaizdai iš gyvenimo bobulytės ir kt. (Scenes of the Grannie’s Life and Other), Antanas Šimkus, Ieva Babilaitė, Vilnius: VšĮ, 2012.
Kiškis Pranciškus be abejo (with CD), Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2011.
Čiauškančios raidės (Chattering Letters), Ieva Babilaitė, Vilnius: Žara, 2010.
Uršulė eis į mokyklą (Ursula Is Going to School): Jurga Čekatauskaitė, Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2009.
Švytintis Vilnius (Radiant Vilnius): [album of paintings and poetical meditations], Ieva Babilaitė, Elvyra Kučinskaitė, Vilnius: Žara, 2009.
Pranciškus ir jo senelis Palemonas (Francis and His Grandpa Palemon): [fairy-tale], Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2009.
Ulė ir peliukas (Ula and the Little Mouse): [fairy-tale], Ieva Babilaitė, Jurga Čekatauskaitė, Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2005.