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Birutė Zokaitytė

Lithuanian Culture Institute
Birutė Zokaitytė

Children are like seedlings that grow to become either wonderful flowers or thorny bushes. When drawing illustrations for children, I try to fill them with positivity, make them look mysterious and playful. My children are my critics; I take their observations into consideration. When illustrating, I feel as if I enter that magic world, and live in it.

Born: March 14, 1968, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1989 – 1995 Graphic art studies, Vilnius Academy of Arts.
1997 Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
2002 Internship, Frans Masereel Graphic Arts Centre, Belgium.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Book illustration, printmaking.
The artist has held 8 solo exhibitions, 2 of them in the USA, New York (2002) and Chicago (2010). She has taken part in international graphic art and illustration exhibitions in France (1994, 1999, 2002, 2007), Estonia (2001, 2003), Sweden (2001, 2003), Romania (2001), Slovakia (2001), Japan (2001), Russia 2002, 2008), Argentina (2005), Portugal (2010), Finland (2010), etc., as well as in exhibitions representing Lithuanian graphic art in Belgium (1998), Ukraine (2001), Sweden (2004), Turkey (2005), Scotland (2006), Norway (2008), USA (2009), Germany (2009), Poland (2010), etc.
Illustrarium: Contemporary Lithuanian Children’s Book Illustration“, Bologna children’s book fair, Italy, 2011.

1996 Diploma, 2nd Mini Print Biennial, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius.

1996 Grand Prix, International Graphic Art Biennal.

1999 Diploma of The Most Beautiful Lithuanian Books Competition for the book The Fashion Conscious Crocodile (Madingiausias krokodilas), Vilnius.

2000 Diploma of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, 7th International Book Illustration Triennial, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius.

2000 Grand Prix, “Graphic Art 2000”, gallery “Kairė–dešinė”, Vilnius.

2007 3rd Premium, Mikas J. Šileikis and Teofilis Petraitis Art Competition “Lithuania’s Time”, Radvilai Palace, Vilnius.

Lietuvių liaudies pasakos (Lithuanian Folk Tales), Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2007.

Broliai liūtaširdžiai (The Brothers Lionheart): [prose], Astrid Lindgren, Vilnius: Margi raštai, 1998.

Madingiausias krokodilas (The Fashion Conscious Crocodile): [prose], Nijolė Kepenienė, Vilnius: Flium, 1998.

Kopūstų riteris ir kiti (The Cabbage Knight and Others): [fairy-tales], Nijolė Kepenienė, Vilnius: Margi raštai, 1997.