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Rasa Valujavičienė. Untitled, 2022

Seven poems about the war in Ukraine by Lithuanian authors have been published on “Eurolitnet”, a British website that was created to showcase notable works by British and European writers. Those poems constitute a small part of Lithuanian poetry archive that documents the creators’ reactions to the war and to emerging reports of the violence suffered by the Ukrainian people, and examines the feelings of horror, fear, sympathy, and guilt, among others, that the war evokes.

Poems by Vilnius Bakas, Lina Buividavičiūtė, Jurgita Jasponytė, Rūta Ju, Vytautas Kaziela, Linas Umbrasas and Artūras Valionis have been translated into English and Ukrainian languages. The English translations have been provided by Ada Valaitis, Jura Avizienis, Audra Skukauskaitė and Kerry Shawn Keys, and the Ukrainian ones by Beatričė Beliavciv and Natalija Trochym.

Links to the English translations are listed below:


Lithuanian poems and their Ukrainian translations are posted on the Lithuanian Culture Institute’s “Facebook” page every Thursday.