Lithuanian Culture Institute

Vilnius Takes Over. Music and performing arts weekend in London


Music and performing arts weekend

26–27 October
Venue: Rich Mix

The Lithuanian Culture Institute invites you to the Vilnius Takes Over weekend dedicated to advanced electronic music, contemporary dance, and emerging theatre from the young and vibrant city of Vilnius. Lithuania is brimming with artistic ideas and spirit, as evidenced most recently in its controversial G-Spot advertising campaign. Vilnius Takes Over is a chance to discover new seductive and rebellious acts that delve into hybrid identities: from computer-generated languages to gender issues. Friday will kick off with an audio-visual electronic show by the experimental Lithuanian duo Vilnius Energy and the London-based music producer felicita (PC Music), who moulds pop and hard-core electronic music. The Trans Trans Trancetheatre show by Lithuanian prodigy Kamilė Gudmonaitė explores the question of non-binary identities while exposing the difficult subject of hate speech. On Saturday, choreographer Ieva Kuniskis will present They Live Next Door, a dance and theatre piece about a turbulent relationship between two men. And last but not least, the weekend concludes with an opendiscussion titled ‘Art as a hub of sexual tension’!