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International cultural events at the Vilnius Book Fair 2020

Lithuanian Culture Institute

Every year the Vilnius Book Fair and its cultural programme is devoted to a special topic. The focus of the 21st International Vilnius book fair: “You should live without formulas, be open to the world.” Jonas Mekas.  These words of a very well-known Lithuanian and world artist Jonas Mekas who used to declare freedom in his life and artwork.

The Fair will invite visitors to engage in a search of new ways of self-expression, proclaim the freedom of creation, have an open look to the world without any ties with existing stereotypes, and find an individual path for everyone.

Thus, open to the world and without formulas. Starting a new page. This is what the Vilnius Book Fair is. Open to creation, action and word. A place of extraordinary meetings, chats, opinions and endless discoveries where everyone is welcome.

Please be informed about the events held at the Vilnius Book Fair in English: