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About the project


On 26 March, conductor Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla’s debut at the head of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra began the Lithuanian cultural season in Bavaria. True to the motto of this season, Without Distance (Ohne Distanz), the concert was attended not only by a massive audience of the radio station BR-Klassik and online media channels but also Lithuanian music lovers who were able to easily cover 1 500 kilometres to Munich by tuning into the broadcast of the LRT radio station Klasika.

The project Without Distance: Lithuanian Culture in Bavaria 2021 (in German: Ohne Distanz: Litauische Kultur in Bayern 2021) was continued in the summer and autumn not only in Munich but also in other Bavarian cities, namely, Augsburg, Blaibach, Nuremberg and Würzburg. A varied programme of music, literature, visual arts, performances by the most prominent Lithuanian artists and performers were presented and artists residencies will be held within the cultural season.

Programme of the project is here. 

The project is organised by the Lithuanian Culture Institute and the Lithuanian Cultural Attaché in Germany in cooperation with the Lithuanian Embassy in Germany and partners in Lithuania and Bavaria. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.