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Paulius Juodišius

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Paulius Juodišius

Creating is great fun. I do my best to have as much of it in my life as I can. Creation takes the form of new fairy-tales, drawings, wooden toys, vegetable pies, strange sounds… I try to share my joy with children because they make the most sincere audience.

Born: August 7, 1969, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1985 – 1989 Studies in stone sculpture, Telšiai College of Applied Art.
Simaniškės village, Švenčionys district, Lithuania
The artist have tried quite a few professions. He has worked as a renovator, security guard, stonecutter, teacher of design and technology, cook, salesman, carpenter, and builder. Currently he is living in a little house he built for himself in the countryside. He grows vegetables, carves wood, writes and illustrates books for children.
2006 m. IBBY Lithuanian section award for the best book for the youngest readers – Bug’s Cake (Amarėlio pyragas), Vilnius, Lithuania.
Illustrarium: Contemporary Lithuanian Children’s Book Illustration“, Bologna children’s book fair, Italy, 2011.
Puškutis ir žaliojo rutuliuko paslaptis (Pushkutis and the Secret of a Green Pill): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Kronta, 2009.

Beveik varlės (Almost Frogs): [fairy-tale], Rasa Aškinytė, Vilnius: Kronta, 2009.

Dainų karuselė (The Carousel of Songs): [collection of songs and music], Eglė Povilaitienė, Vilnius: Kronta, 2009.

Bucikiukas ir pabaisa (Bucikiukas and the Monster): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Lina Eitmantytė-Valužienė, Vilnius: Nieko rimto, 2009.

Stebuklinga slyva (The Magic Plum): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Algarvė, 2008.

Mažosios Laimiuko žinios (Small News of the Happy Manikin):[fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Nieko rimto, 2008.

Zuikio abėcėlė (Rabbit’s ABC): [poem], Ramūnas Gerbutavičius, Rimvydas Stankevičius, Kaunas: Šviesa, 2007.

Karalius Rampampumas ir sraigių lenktynės (King Rampampumus and Snail Racing): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Algarvė, 2006.

Amarėlio pyragas (Bug’s Cake): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Kronta, 2006.

Raiboji vištelė (The Speckled Pullet): [fairy-tale], Vilnius: Algarvė, 2005.

Lipotapas ir kruopų vagys (Lipotapus and the Thieves of Grits): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2004.

Pastatysim zuikiui namą (We’ll Build a House for the Rabbit): [fairy-tale], Ieva Čepulėnaitė, Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Trys linksmos pasakėlės (Three Funny Fairy-tales), Paulius Juodišius. Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Linksmi Šmuciko sapneliai (The Joyful Dreams of Shmucik): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Čiumbiko pasakėlės (Chumbik’s Fairy-tales), Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Tvinklio laikrodukas (Twinklie’s Watch): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Kalėdinė kelionė (A Christmas Trip): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Arka, 2001.

Skaičiuok su Zenonu (Count with Zenon): [fairy-tale], Paulius Juodišius, Vilnius: Arka, 2000.