Visits 2018




Germany, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Sakartvelo, Russia, France, Romania, Armenia, South Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, China, Canada, Bhutan.


Architecture, Design, Publishing, Literature, Museology, Music, Dance, Interdisciplinary Art, Visual Arts


  1. Jaume Nieto Palazon, theatre producer
  2. Jadwiga Grabowska, Artistic Director of the International Contemporary Dance Festival KRoki
  3. Jutta Maria Staerk, Producer of the “Westfind” festival
  4. Christiane Müller-Rosen, Producer of the “Westfind” festival
  5. Claudio Libero Pisano, performing arts expert
  6. Denis Korneevskij, Director of “Yeltsin Presidential Center” in Yekaterinburg
  7. Ilja Shipilovskikh, Curator of “Yeltsin Presidential Center” in Yekaterinburg
  8. Natalija Shumilova, Head of the Ethnography Department of the Zelenogradsk Library
  9. Arielle Shira Bier, curator, art critic, writer
  10. Rafal Lukasz Chwala, Project Curator at the Lublin cultural institution “Warsztaty Kultury” and the music, literature and visual arts festival “Wschod Kultury – Inne Brzmienia”, presenter of the literary programme “Book lt”.
  11. Agnieszka Wojciechowska, Director of the Lublin cultural institution “Warsztaty Kultury” and the music, literature and visual arts festival “Wschod Kultury – Inne Brzmienia”
  12. Anna Cestelli Guidi, Manager of AuditoriumArte Programme at “Auditorium” music park in Rome
  13. Bengt Styrbjorn Gustafsson, Representative of the publishing house “Tranan”
  14. Dorota Ewa Monkiewicz, Curator at the art museum “Muzeum Sztuki” in Lodz
  15. Giulia di Giovanni, journalist
  16. Leonardo Valentino Coen, journalist
  17. Simona Orlando, journalist
  18. Andrea Pipino, journalist
  19. Eliana di Caro, journalist
  20. Gianfranco Capitta, theatre critic
  21. Roberto Canziani, theatre critic
  22. Laura Martellini, cultural journalist
  23. Anna Maria Speroni, cultural journalist
  24. Claudia Colasanti, cultural journalist
  25. Silvia Federici, cultural journalist
  26. Raluca Gabriela Radulescu, Curator of the “Fest (in) on Boulevard” theatre festival / Radio Romania, theatre journalist, Deputy Director of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania
  27. Tshering Uden Penjor, Head Curator of the Bhutan Textile Museum
  28. Anna Puslecka, Co-organiser of “KTW Fashion Week” in Katowice, fashion design expert
  29. Rafal Wzszynski, Director of the art incubator “Fundacja Giesche” and “KTW Fashion Week”
  30. Izhac Giuli, Director of the Israel Festival
  31. Valerio delBaglivo, freelance curator
  32. Eric Lacascade, Head and Theatre Director of “Théâtre national de Bretagne” and the National Drama Centre of Normandy “Compagnie Lacascade”
  33. Martin Lorente, Assistant Director and Administrator of “Compagnie Lacascade”
  34. Valentina Valentini, theatre critic
  35. Chiara Pirri, theatre critic
  36. Laivina Gundega, Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus”
  37. Jiadai Huang, Director of “Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre” and Artistic Programme Director of “ACT Shanghai Int’l Theatre Festival”
  38. Roman Zbych Pawlowski, Artistic Programme Director of the “Teatr Rozmaitości” Theatre in Warsaw
  39. Marion Ilona Tiedtke, Senior Dramatist at “Schauspiel Frankfurt”
  40. Marina Davydova, Artistic Director of the festival NET (New European Theatre), theatre critic, producer
  41. Elena Kovalskaja, Artistic Director of the Centre of Theatrical Arts “House of Meyerhold”
  42. Anna Krasnolobodceva, Lecturer at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and the HSE ART&DESIGN SCHOOL
  43. Roman Dolzhanskiy, Deputy Artistic Director of the Russian “Theatre of Nations” and “Territoria Festival”
  44. Claudia Helga Loffelholz, Founder and Curator of “LaRete Art Projects” and “Fondazione Fotografia Modena”
  45. Sylvie Fortin, freelance curator
  46. Nuno Sacramento, Director of “Peacock Visual Arts”, the Scottish contemporary arts centre
  47. Thale Fastvold Thorbjoernsen, curator
  48. Almeida Pees, Head and Curator of the dance department at “Theater Freiburg”
  49. Dalit Haramaty Ben David, dance expert
  50. Gustavo Alejandro Fijalkow, dance expert
  51. Keyna Jayne Paul, Artistic Director of “Hull Dance”
  52. Nina Hümpel-Borchert, Artistic Director of “DANCE Festival Munich”
  53. Pierre Thys, Director of International Relations of “Theatre de Liege”
  54. Joel Riff, Curator of the residency “MolySabata”, art reviewer, curator
  55. Elena Tzotzi, Curator of the gallery “Signal” in Malmo
  56. Andreas Nilsson, Curator at “Moderna Museet Malmö”
  57. Iris Muller Westermann, Director of “Moderna Museet Malmö”
  58. Eva Helena Selder, Director of the Baltic Art Center in Visby
  59. Benedetta Carpi de Resmini, independent curator
  60. Petter Pettersson, Artistic Director of “Lilitth Performance Studio” in Malmo
  61. Annalisa Holm Hansen, Curator at the contemporary arts centre “Overgaden”
  62. Axel Weidel, Director of “Bergen Kunsthall”
  63. Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Director of “InterArtCentre” in Malmo
  64. Aya Lurie, art critic and researcher, Director of the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
  65. Vardit Gross, Director of “Artport Tel Aviv”
  66. Anna Lena Seiser, Curator at “Kunsthalle Düsseldorf”
  67. Daniel Milnes, Curator at “Hamburger Bahnhof”
  68. Thomas Thiel, Director of “Bielefelder Kunstverein”
  69. Paul Hobson, Director of “Modern Art Oxford”
  70. Alisa Prudnikova, Director of the Ural Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ural Industrial biennial
  71. Kristina Romanova, Curator at “Triumph Gallery”
  72. Elena Tsvetaeva, Director of “Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts“
  73. Darja Starceva, Deputy Marketing Director of Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts
  74. Adriana Polveroni, Artistic Director of the Verona Art Fair “ArtVerona”
  75. Paola Tognon, Collectors’ Programme Manager at “ArtVerona”
  76. Petra Chiodi, Contemporary Art Editor at the contemporary art magazine “Exibart”
  77. Maria Giuseppina Caldarola, intependent curator
  78. Nicola Trezzi, Director of “CCA Tel Aviv”
  79. Grzegorz Piatek, Director of “Centrum Architektury”
  80. Tomasz Wasko, Programme Director of the festival “Enea Spring Break” in Poznan
  81. Ivana Jeleča, Programme Director of the Croatian International Music Festival “Inmusic Festival”
  82. Oskar Strajn, Music Programme Director of the festival “Eurosonic Noordeslaag” in Groningen
  83. Sauying Yuen, organiser of music projects within the festivals “Sonor Hong Kong” and “Clockenflap”, Deputy Music Director of the festival “Clockenflap”
  84. Cecilia Soanjeong YI, Managing Director of the South Korean music festival “Zandari Festa”
  85. Stefanie Schmidt, Programme Co-creator of “Juicy Beats Festival”, Head of “Upon e.V” , the German union for the events organising business
  86. Bartek Stolarek, Programme Director of the festival “Poland Rock Festiwal” (former “Woodstock Festival Poland”)
  87. Marija Saryčeva, curator, EUNIC Russia project participant
  88. Shahar Marom, Artistic Director of the puppet theatre “The Train Theater” and the international puppet theatre festival in Jerusalem
  89. Silke Haueiss, Deputy Artistic Director of Berlin puppet theatre “Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH/Schaubude Berlin”
  90. Romano Bogdan, President of ASSITEJ Croatia, Board member of the International Union of Puppeteers of Croatia UNIMA, Artistic Director of the theatre troupe “Pinclec, Assitej”
  91. Mascha Jana Erbelding, Director of “Figurentheaterfestival München” (Munich International Puppet Theatre Festival)
  92. Kerrin Tatman, Artistic Director of “Beverly Puppet Festival” and Co-founder, Artistic Director and Curator of the international performance programme of the Newcastle festival “Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival”
  93. Mathew Woods, Director of the Newcastle festival “Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival”
  94. Byunwook Jang, Theatre Director at “HaVokA”
  95. Sijoong Yoon, Artistic Director of the theatre “Haddangse”
  96. Kunhyung Park, Artistic Director of the theatre ”Golmokgil”
  97. Yeongchan Lee, Producer at the performance factory “Mabangzen”
  98. Byeonghoon Lee, theatre director, Artistic Director of “Seul Performing Arts Festival” (SPAF)
  99. Remsi Al Khalisi, Artistic Director of “ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg”
  100. Giorgia Cerruti, Director of the theatre “Piccola Compagnia della Magnolia” in Turin
  101. Andrii Palatnyi, Theatre Programme Director at the international interdisciplinary festival “Gogolfest”
  102. Almut Wagner, dramatist, Representative of “Theater Basel”
  103. Jurgen Poppig, Senior Dramatist at “Theater und Orchester Heidelberg”
  104. Roman Zbych Pawlowski, Art Programme Director of the “Teatr Rozmaitości” Theatre in Warsaw
  105. Lyn Fu, Theatre Project Manager at the Great Theatre of China in Shanghai
  106. Chong Wang, Theatre Art Director at “Theatre du Reve Experimental” in Beijing
  107. Kian Bian, Exhibitions Curator at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)
  108. Xia Yanguo, independent curator, art critic and founder of the independent art space “de Art Center” in Beijing
  109. Tetiana Sosnovska, Director of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine
  110. Damian Lentini, Curator at “Haus der Kunst” in Munich
  111. Uwe Neumann, Director of “Rostock Kunsthalle”
  112. Oleksandr Krasovicky, Director of “Folio Publishing House”
  113. Khrystyna Venhryniuk, Representative of the publishing houses “Чорні Вівці” and “Книги-ХХІ”
  114. Armen Martyrosyan, Director of the publishing house “Antares”
  115. Zviad Kvaratskhelia, Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house “Artanuji”
  116. Anton Schmidt
  117. Julija Kiseleva, Head of International Relations at “Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve” in Moscow
  118. Monika Pasiecznik, Curator of the contemporary music festivals “Warszawska jiesen” and “Festiwal Kwadrafonik”