Lithuanian Culture Institute

Visits 2017




United Kingdom, Italy, China, Sakartvelo, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Israel, Poland, France, South Korea, Japan


Museology, Literature, Music, Interdisciplinary Art, Theatre, Architecture, Design, Dance, Visual Arts, Cinema, Photography


  1. Giuseppe Ciorra, Head of Architecture at the MAXXI Museum in Rome
  2. Poi Marr (Sabha Poi Kruse), Curator of the festival “Glasgow International”
  3. Kasia Redzicz, Curator at Tate Liverpool
  4. Yang Ye, Editor of the magazine “World Architecture Magazine”, organiser of Beijing Design Week
  5. Beatrice Leanza, Researcher of Asian and Contemporary Chinese Art, curator, organiser of Beijing Design Week
  6. Jobava Gvantsa, Deputy Director of the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers’ Association
  7. Marine Tskhadaia, Director of the publishing house “Book Pegasus”
  8. Ganna Viunnyk, Representative of the publishing house “VIVAT”
  9. Dmytro Kyrychenko, Director of the publishing house “Bright Star Publishing”
  10. Oksana Zobro, Representative of the publishing house “Old Lion”
  11. Benedetta Carpi de Resmini, curator
  12. Thomas Irmer, theatre critic
  13. Olga Yurcina, Chair of the Kaliningrad Union of Photo Artists
  14. Elena Gromova, Artistic Director of the Kaliningrad documentary film festival “Territorium Film”
  15. David Wordsworth, music critic
  16. Marina Davydova, Editor of the magazine “TEATR”, Artistic Director of the festival NET (New European Theatre),
  17. Felix Hoffmann, Chief Curator of the photography gallery “C/O Berlin”
  18. Evelyn Irene James, Organiser of the festival “Münchner Marionettentheater”
  19. Jong-Ho Lee, Artistic Director of the dance festival “SIDance”
  20. Graham Watts, dance critic, journalist
  21. Zannah Doyan (Susannah Doan), Executive Director of “Pavillion Dance South West”
  22. Timothy Smithies, Project Director of the festival “Carn to Cove”
  23. Ofra Idel, Artistic Director of the Jerusalem International Dance Week
  24. Ido Feder, Artistic Director of the dance residency “Tights Tel Aviv”
  25. Moshe Shechter, Director and Artistic Director of the dance festival “Diver Festival”
  26. Dirk Forster, Director of the dance festival “LOFT”
  27. Matthias Weichelt, Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine “Sinn und Form”
  28. Thorsten Ahrend, Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house “Wallstein”
  29. Paul Ingendaay, European correspondent for “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”
  30. Jenny Friederich Freksa, Editor-in-Chief of the cultural magazine “Kulturaustausch. Zeitschrift fur internationale Perspektiven”
  31. Claudia Sinnig, literary translator
  32. Antonella Fusco, Director of “Istituto Centrale per la Grafika”
  33. Stefania Miscetti, Director of the gallery “Stefania Miscetti”, Director of the cinema programme “She Devil”
  34. Robert Piaskowski, Deputy Director of “Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe”
  35. Magda Kardasz, Curator at “Zacheta gallery”
  36. Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Head of International Projects and Project Implementation at “Liverpool Biennial”
  37. Sinead McCarthy, Curator at “Liverpool Biennial”
  38. Janine Kotwica, illustration and graphic arts specialist, curator
  39. Diana Kristin Marossek, Director of “Street Art Berlin”
  40. Andreas Schuttke, Curator at “Street Art Berlin”
  41. Jiong Yu, Founder of the concert tour agency “Shadowplay”
  42. Yang Song, Director of “Mai Ai Cultural Communication”
  43. Yi Zhang, Manager of “Mai Ai Cultural Communication”
  44. Jinhai Weng, Founder of the music club “Lantern” and the electronic music festival “Intro”
  45. Bingbing Yang, Head of International Relations at “Mai Ai Cultural Communication”
  46. Jaymes Taylor Foster, Editor for Europe at the architecture portal “ArchDaily”
  47. Pietro Laureano, architect and urbanist, UNESCO consultant
  48. Philipp Grefer, Co-founder of the creative agency and records studio “FakeMusicMedia” and the festival “NEU China”
  49. Detlef Diederichsen, Music and Performing Arts Director at “Haus der Kulturen der Welt Hamburg”
  50. Oliver James Carruthers, Artistic Director of the “Rich Mix” cross-arts centre
  51. Dietmar Lupfer, Artistic Director of the cultural centre “Muffatwerk”
  52. Eric de Fontenay, Founder of “MusicDishLLC”, organiser of tours for foreign music artists in China
  53. Chen Xindong, Founder of the gallery “Xin Dong Chen Space for Contemporary Art”, art curator and collector
  54. Mathew Daniel, President of the music agency “NetEase Cloud Music”
  55. Warren Chien, Artistic Director of the festival “MTA” and the platform for video clips “YEMA Live”
  56. Emma Law, Curator at the gallery “Mwoods”
  57. Michael Xufu Huang, Founder of the gallery “Mwoods”, collector, curator
  58. Sophie Williamson, Exhibition Curator at Camden Arts Centre
  59. Jessica Vaughan, Curator of the artistic platform “Art on the Underground, TFL”
  60. Kim McAleese, Curator at the centre for residencies “Grand Union”
  61. Juliette Desorgues, Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
  62. Janneke de Vries, Director of the gallery “GAK Bremen”
  63. Nils Emmerich, Curator at “Kunsthalle Bielefeld”
  64. Daniel Muzyczuk, Deputy Director of “Museum Sztuki w Łodzi”
  65. Paulina Kempisty, Progarmme Directior of “Labirynt”
  66. Jolanta Gromadzka, Deputy Director of the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw
  67. Ehud Edelman, Curator at the Israeli Center for Digital Art
  68. Leah Abir, Curator at the gallery “Raw Art”, Editor of the magazine “Tohu”
  69. Ran Ilan Kasmy, Director of the artistic residency “Herzlyia”
  70. Bar Yeroushalmi, curator, writer at the magazine “Tohu”
  71. Manuella Pacella, writer at the magazine “Nero”
  72. Teresa Macri, Art Reviewer at the publication “Manifesto”, curator, writer, critic
  73. Marta Silvi, writer for the publications “Artforum”, “Cura”
  74. Anna Cestelli, Director of AuditoriumArte Programme at “Auditorium” music park in Rome
  75. Olga Balashova, Deputy Director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, lecturer at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, art historian
  76. Gerhard Wissner, Director of the festival “Kasseler DOKfest”
  77. Izhak Giuli, Artistic Director of the Israel Festival
  78. Laura Caretti, theatre critic, festival consultant, theatre professor
  79. Roberto Bacci, Theatre Artistic Director of the festival “Fabbrica Europa”
  80. Eleonora Bordonaro, Representative of the theatre and dance department at the “Auditorium” centre
  81. Antonio Calbi, Director of the “Teatro di Roma” Union in Rome
  82. Lars Walburg, Director of “Schauspiel Hannover”
  83. Alexander Earle, Producer at “BEFestival”
  84. Andrew Fletcher, Head of Programmes at Warwick Arts Centre
  85. Agnes Troly, Artistic Director of the Avignon Festival
  86. Andrii Palatnyj, Theatre Programme Curator at “Gogolfest”
  87. Alessandra Santiesteban, theatre expert
  88. Maurizia Settembri, Dance Artistic Director at the festival “Fabbrica Europa”
  89. Giedrė Bagdžiūnaitė, theatrologist, Coordinator of the festival “Fabbrica Europa”
  90. Regina Dyck, Director of the festival “Poetry on the Road”
  91. Michal Wolinski, curator, Editor of the magazine “Piktogram”
  92. Hila Schneidermann, independent curator, contributor at “White City Center Tel Aviv”
  93. Hanna Vasyk, Programme Director of “PinchukArtGallery”
  94. Tatiana Kochubinska, Curator at “PinchukArtGallery”
  95. Peter Schulze, Director of the festival “Jazzahead!”
  96. Reiner Michalke, Programme Director of the jazz and contemporary music centre “Stadgarten Köln”
  97. Martyna Markowska, Artistic Director of the festival “Katowice JazzArt”
  98. Martin Longley, journalist, music expert
  99. Sonia Voss, independent photographer and contemporary art curator
  100. Byung Hoon Lee, Artistic Director and Producer of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival
  101. Stefan Ghez, Representative of the TV channel “Arte”
  102. Denis Gaubert, Representative of the TV channel “Arte”
  103. Julien Despres, Journalist at the TV channel “Arte”
  104. Noam Gal, Curator of Photography at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  105. Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director at “Fotografie Forum Frankfurt”
  106. Daniele Capra, independent curator, journalist
  107. Federica la Paglia, independent curator, art critic
  108. Paolo di Pasquale, architect, cultural journalist
  109. Chaim Dov Lenz, Artistic Director of the festival “Red Sea Jazz Festival”
  110. Jorg Friedemann Dressler, Organiser of the festival “Die Jazztage Görlitz”
  111. Huang (Adam) Young, Artistic Director of the festival “Nine Gates Jazz”
  112. Teng Fei, Curator of the festivals “OCT-LOFT Jazz” and “Tommorow Festival”, Director of the music organisation “B10 Live”, Founder of the organisation “Old Heaven Culture Communication Co. Ltd”
  113. Li (Anla Lee) Tonghui, Programme Curator at the music organisation “B10 Live” and the festivals “OCT-LOFT Jazz” and “Tommorow Festival”
  114. Mikyung Lee, Founder and Director of the festival “Jazz in Daegu”, Founder and Director of the production agency ”Artkiki“
  115. Seungyeon (Marie) Oh, Programme Curator of the “Jarasum Jazz Festival”
  116. Bettina Ehrlich, Dramatist at the theatre “Schaubühne”
  117. Irene Aristizabal, Exhibitions Director and Curator of the contemporary art centre “Nottingham Contemporary”
  118. Frances Stacey, Curator at the “Collective Gallery” in Edinburgh
  119. Emily Butler, Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery
  120. Keiko Kawashima, Owner of “GALERYGALLERY/KICTAC”, curator, lecturer