Lithuanian Culture Institute

Visits 2015




United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, China, Japan, Brazil.


Interdisciplinary Art, Contemporary Textiles, Theatre, Photography, Contemporary Fine Art, Graphics, Design, Visual Arts, Cinema, Literature, Music, Contemporary Dance


  1. Jonathan Davidson, Executive Director of “Writing West Midlands”
  2. Jane Commane, Editor of “Nine Arches Press”
  3. Jonathan Morley, Programme Director of the National Centre for Writing in Norwich
  4. Jo Dingley, Senior Editor at “Canongate Books”
  5. Caroline Clarke, Copyright Manager at “Canongate Books”
  6. Stefan Tobler, translator, Founder of the publishing house “And other stories”
  7. Christopher MacLehose, Founder of “MacLehose Press”
  8. Dylan Calder, Director of “Pop-up Projects”
  9. Daniel Hahn, writer, editor and translator, past chair of the Society of Authors, board member of a number of organisations for literature and promoting reading
  10. Tara Tobler, journalist at “Publishing Perspective”
  11. Jenny Niven, Project Manager for Literature, Publishing and Languages at “Creative Scotland”
  12. Hella Reese, Editor of “dtv”
  13. Herbert Ohrlinger, Representative of the publishing house “Paul Zsolnay Verlag”
  14. Regina Kamerer, Representative of the publishing house ”Luchterhand – Random House”
  15. Jörg Becken, Representative of the publishing house “KLAK Verlag”
  16. Roman Pliske, Representative of the publishing house “Mitteldeutscher Verlag GmbH”
  17. Hans Jürgen Balmes, Representative of the publishing house “S. Fischer Verlag”
  18. Thomas Sparr, Representative of the publishing house “Suhrkamp Verlag”
  19. Nikola Medenwald, Representative of the publishing house “Wallstein Verlag”
  20. Erika Hornbogner, Representative of the publishing house “Wieser Verlag”
  21. Samantha Clark, Editor of Translations at “Comma Press”
  22. Gillian Griffiths, Head of the publishing house “Parthian Books”
  23. Meike Ziervogel, Head of the publishing house “Pereine Press”
  24. Mitchell Scott Albert, Publisher and Executive Editor of “Garnet Publishing/Periscope”
  25. Simon Gaeme Smith, Translations agent at the publishing house “Peter Owen”
  26. Anne Isabel Cowley Meadows, Executive Editor of the publishing house “Granta and Portobello Books”
  27. Allan George Cameron, Head of the publishing house “Vagabond Voices”
  28. David Lopez del Amo, Literary agent
  29. Alexandra Büchler, Head of “Literature Across Frontier”
  30. Neil Astley, Founder of the publishing house “Bloodaxe”, translator
  31. Jennifer Harris, Deputy Director of Whitworth Art Gallery, curator
  32. Lewis Biggs, Curator of the 2017 “Folkestone Triennial”, long-term director of Tate Liverpool, Co-founder, Director and Artistic Director of “Liverpool Biennial”
  33. Aleksey Kiselev, theatrologist
  34. Rosza Zita Farkas, Curator at the gallery “Arcadia Missa”, writer
  35. Wojciech Nowicki, photography curator
  36. Peter Rieder, graphic artist
  37. Stefan Nilsson, design expert, Founder and Director of the gallery ”Designgalleriet”
  38. Robin Edman, Director of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, President of the Bureau of the European Design Association, member of the jury of the “Red Dot” international design competition
  39. Kristina Noor-Illander, International Relations Specialist at “Design Forum Finland”
  40. Ewa Kumlin, Director of “Svensk form”, Editor of the magazine “Form”
  41. Viktoria Thornton, Founder and Director of the festival “Open City”
  42. Larisa Artiugina, filmmaker
  43. Oleksandra Chuprina, filmmaker
  44. Ihor Ivanko, filmmaker
  45. Agnes Troly, Artistic Director of the Avignon Festival
  46. Jean Pierre Thibaudat Jatteau, Programme Curator at the festival “Passage”, theatre critic
  47. Serge Henri Noyelle, Director of “Theatre NoNo”
  48. Nathalie Conio Thauvin, manager of an arts agency, theatrologist
  49. Lukasz Drewniak, theatre critic, Theatre Editorial Manager at “TVP Kultura”
  50. Liutauras Pšibilskis, curator
  51. Thomas Wohlfahrt, Director of “Poesiefestival Berlin”
  52. Gianluigi Mattietti, contemporary music critic
  53. Lai Huihui, Artistic Director of the theatre “Penghao”, Programme Curator of the theatre festival “Nanluoguxiang”
  54. Yewen Laubinger, Director of the theatre “A.S.K. Art Space for Kids”
  55. Viktor Ruban, dance expert, choreographer
  56. Pasqual Jordan, Head of “Werkstattgalerie”
  57. Kostyantyn Doroshenko, contemporary art curator and art historian, art journalist, Director of “Klinika Doroshenko, Grishenko”, Presenter of the cultural radio programme “Kult Doroshenko”
  58. Pavel Luzhetskyi, curator, cultural journalist at the magazine “Sho”
  59. Monika Koziol, expert, curator and collections compiler at the “MOCAK” Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
  60. Christopher Yeske-Sharp, curator, writer
  61. Aneta Rostkowska, Curator at the gallery “Bunkier Sztuki”
  62. Magdalena Ziolkowska, Curator at the gallery “Bunkier Sztuki”
  63. Mariana Garin, Contemporary Art Curator at the museum “Kalmar”
  64. Luca Lo Pinto, independent curator, member of the “Kunsthalle Wien” team, one of the founders and editor of the magazine “Nero“
  65. Francis Mckee, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow
  66. Sarah Perks, Artistic Director of the arts centre “Home”, lecturer at the Metropolitan University, curator and producer, performance art specialist
  67. Maxine Kopsa, Founder and Director of “Kunstverein”, Editor of the magazine “Metropoli M”
  68. Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator at the Serpentines Galleries
  69. Claude Adjl, Curator at the Serpentines Galleries
  70. Poppy Bowers, Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery
  71. Alessandro Vincentelli, Curator at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
  72. Benedetta Carpi de Resmini, curator
  73. Auymi Hara, curator, writer
  74. Marcio Harum, Visual Art Curator at “Centro Cultural São Paulo – CCSP”, Founder of the independent art space São Luís, Maranhão in Brazil