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Performances by Lina Lapelytė continued “Lithuanian Story“ in Tel Aviv

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A ballet dancer of the “state pension age“ pirouetting for ten minutes and a famous jazz musician whose virtuosity is limited to a single note. Female musicians from the “Lithuania“ ensemble playing kanklės, a Lithuanian plucked string instrument, and hypnotising hand choreography. The rap hit “Candy shop“ turned into a lullaby. The evening of three performances by the performance artist and creator of contemporary opera, composer, sound artist, violinist and vocalist Lina Lapelytė at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art told the story about beauty, status, facade and the behind the scenes, body reality and its cultural images, power play, tradition, classics, pop and many other. All these stories are part of the Lithuanian culture festival taking place in Tel Aviv from March until the end of May under the title “Lithuanian Story“.

The event “Candy Shop and Other Dances“ which took place on 16 April at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art presented Lina Lapelytė’s work “Pirouette“ (with the ballet dancer Ilva Juodpusytė and the jazz musician Liudas Mockūnas), “Ladies“ (feat. kanklės musicians from the “Lithuania“ ensemble Violeta Aukštkalnytė, Nijolė Plavinskaitė, Danutė Mikalauskienė and Judita Kundrotienė) and “Candy Shop – The Song“ (performed by Lina Lapelytė).

According to the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Ruti Direktor, she is interested in performance art as a form of expression that is one of the most curious contemporary art phenomenons and that probably brings most challenges in its relationship with a museum as an institution.“I have heard about the project that Lina Lapelytė is preparing for Lithuania’s pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennial, and find it very intriguing. That is why I am delighted at the opportunity to invite Lina to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art“, said the curator. Following the three performances that took place in three different museum spaces the audience gathered to the discussion between Lina Lapelytė and Ruti Direktor about performance as a type of art, Lina’ work and her preparations for the Venice Biennial where, together with Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė and Vaiva Grainytė, she will present her opera-performance “Sun and Sea“.

On 4 May, “Lithuanian Story” will turn towards contemporary indie and electronic music scene. Performing in cult Tel Aviv clubs “Teder“ and “Alphabet“ within the “Vilna Connection“ events will be DJs Manfredas, “12 inčų po žeme” and V. (Vidmantas Čepkauskas ), Lithuanian bands “Maps”, “Shishi” and the Israeli band “Red Axes”. 23-25 May will become the first weekend of the Lithuanian contemporary dance, organised by the Lithuanian Culture Institute in collaboration with the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre – it will take place in Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre.

“Lithuanian Story” in Tel Aviv will conclude with documentary films. In collaboration with the Lithuanian Film Centre, a documentary “Animus Animalis (a story about People, Animals and Things)” directed by Aistė Žegulytė will be screened as part of the festival “Docaviv”.