Lithuanian Culture Institute

Rimas Uzgiris

Year and place of birth

1969, Niskayuna, NY (USA)


MFA in Creative Writing, Rutgers-Newark University (USA)
Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin - Madison (USA)
M.A. in Philosophy
B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, University of California - San Diego (USA)


Primary - English
English, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Ancient Greek
Translates from Lithuanian to English

Work activities

Vilnius University (Assistant Professor, Translation Studies: Fall 2018-present)
Vilnius University (Lecturer, Translation Studies: Fall 2014 – Spring 2017)
Vilnius University (Lecturer, English Philology: Fall 2013, Spring 2014)
Vilnius University (Fulbright Scholar, teaching in English Philology: Spring 2013)

St. John's University (Assistant Professor: 2006-8, Adjunct Assistant Professor: 2003-6)
Brooklyn College (Adjunct Assistant Professor: 2004-6)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Lecturer, Teaching Assistant: 1999-2003)
Winona State University (Adjunct Assistant Professor: Fall 2000)
The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (Teaching Assistant: Summer 2001)

Worth mentioning

International Poetry Festival Poetry Spring Award for Best Translation from Lithuanian to a Foreign Language (2016)
Fulbright Scholar Grant, 5 Months, Vilnius University, Lithuania (Spring Semester, 2013)


Translated books

1. Judita Vaičiūnaitė: Vagabond Sun, Swindon: Shearsman Books, 2018.
2. Gintaras Grajauskas: Then What, Hexham: Bloodaxe Books, 2018.
3. Marius Burokas: Now I Understand, Cardigan: Parthian Books, 2018.
4. Aušra Kaziliūnaitė: The Moon is Pill, Cardigan: Parthian Books, 2018.
5. Ilzė Butkutė: Caravan Lullabies, New York: A Midsummer Night’s Press, 2016.


  1. Animal that I am (not). Palmira Milkėnaitė (red,) (dvikalbė meno knyga). Vilnius: MO Museum, 2019.
  2. Antanas A. Jonynas and Algis Griškevičius:Vilnius: the river flows below by (trikalbė poezijos ir meno rinktinė) . Vilnius: Kultūros meniu, 2013.



Anthologies or anthologies translated and translated by an interpreter

  1. New Baltic Poetry (). Cardigan: Parthian Books, 2018.
  2. How the Earth Carries Us: New Lithuanian Poets (editor and translator). Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros institutas, 2015, 2018.

Publications in periodicals

Numerous essays, reviews, and introductions to Lithuanian poets in Versopolis Poetry (2018, 2019) Vilnius Review (Spring, 2018), IOW: On Literary Translation (Issue 50, Winter, 2018), Vilnius Review (Summer, 2017), Vertimo studijos (2016, 9), Vilnius Review (Fall, 2016), Hayden’s Ferry Review (Fall, 2016), Vilnius Review (Fall, 2016), AGNI blog (April, 2016), World Literature Today: Online Blog (March, 2016), How the Earth Carries Us: New Lithuanian Poets. Vilnius: Lithuanian Culture Institute (2015), Frogpond (Spring, 2014), Lituanus (Fall, 2013), The Drunken Boat (January, 2013), Words Without Borders (Dispatches), (October, 2012), Post Road (Fall, 2012), Rumpus (April, 2012), Lituanus (Spring, 2012), Lucid Culture (March, 2012), HTML Giant (November, 2011), Hayden’s Ferry Review (Fall, 2011)