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Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill

Year and place of birth

1954, London (Great Britain)


The University of Oxford MA, Queen Mary‘s University of London MA, SOAS University of London MA, London School of Economics M.Phil. British Foreign Office Advanced Level Courses in Lithuanian, French, German, Bulgarian. Georgian Language Institute, Tbilisi, Georgian. University of London SSEES, Georgian. Pushkin Institute, London, Russian. Estonian Language Institute, Russian. University of Kaunas, Lithuanian. British Council and Lithuanian Cultural Institute Fellowship, Translation from Lithuanian to English


English - native
Translates from Lithuanian to English

Work activities

"I have translated numerous short literary biographies from Lithuanian to English. I have edited numerous art and literary publications and academic articles. I have translated into English the novel „Orfėjas, kelionė pirmyn ir atgal“ (translation not yet published).".

Worth mentioning


Translated books

Orfėjas, kelionė pirmyn ir atgal (Orpheus, A Journey There and Back). Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers, 2016. – 232 p.

Anthologies or anthologies translated and translated by an interpreter

Publications in periodicals