Books Translation Grant Programme

Lithuanian Culture Institute invites publishers to submit applications for Translation Grant Programme. The purpose of the Translation Grant Programme is to promote Lithuanian literature through granting foreign publishers for the translation of works from Lithuanian or which are related to Lithuania.

Translation grants are available twice a year for those who are interested in translating and publishing books by Lithuanian authors.

Publishers may apply for either partial or total coverage of the cost of the translation. Grants will be allocated for the translation of original works of literature, fiction, children’s literature, publications on the cultural heritage, or the humanities (philosophy, literary criticism, non-fiction, history and other fields) as well as for the translation of other important books and publications.

The deadlines for applying are 1st April and 1st October. All applications will be considered by an independent selection committee consisting of five experts.

The application for translation grant must include:

• filled application form,
• a copy of the contract with the owner of the rights,
• a copy of the contract with the translator,
• translators qualifications (e.g. CV, previous translations),
• a brief presentation of the publishing house,
• a short cover letter justifying the proposed work.

The application for sample translation grant mus include:

• filled application form,
• short cover letter justifying the proposed work,
• translators qualifications (e.g. CV, previous translations),
• the owner of the rights agreement for translating proposed work,
In extra cases the copy of proposed text (maximum 1 author sheet or 40 000 signs (with space) for prose and 120 lines for poetry) might be asked.

Applications can be submitted only by e-mail.

For further information, please contact by e-mail: