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“Lithuanian Culture Guide” is a representative and informative collection of six catalogues overviewing contemporary Lithuanian architecture and design, cinema, literature, music, theatre and dance, and visual arts. In this publication, aimed at foreign culture professionals and lovers, each field is represented by introductory text and a catalogue of selected artists and their work, as well as a list of the core relevant organisations, institutions and festivals. The publication is updated every five years. The content of the “Lithuanian Culture Guide” is also published in Lithuanian and English on the website:

Authors, Editors

Authors: Karolina Jakaitė, Julija Reklaitė (Architecture and Design), Valentas Aškinis, Auksė Kancerevičiūtė, Živilė Pipinytė, Renata Šukaitytė (Cinema), Gabrielė Gailiūtė-Bernotienė (Literature), Jurij Dobriakov, Jūratė Katinaitė, Jūratė Kučinskaitė, Ramūnas Zilnys (Music), Goda Dapšytė, Kristina Steiblytė (Theatre and Dance), Neringa Černiauskaitė, Rūta Junevičiūtė, Eglė Juocevičiūtė, Dovilė Tumpytė (Visual arts)

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Ada Valaitis, Julija Gulbinovič


6 books:
B.1. Architecture and Design
B.2. Cinema
B.3. Literature
B.4. Music
B.5. Theatre and Dance
B.6. Visual arts


B.1. 978-609-8015-57-7
B.2. 978-609-8015-58-4
B.3. 978-609-8015-59-1
B.4. 978-609-8015-60-7
B.5. 978-609-8015-61-4
B.6. 978-609-8015-62-1


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Where to read?

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Vilnius university Library
Wroblewskis Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Kaunas Country public Library
Rupert arts and education centre
Nida art colony
Nacional Library of Latvia
Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre

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