Jurga - foto autorius Vaidas Jokubauskas

Buying Jurga’s records is like purchasing a lottery ticket. The only difference is you will definitely win, but you will not know what the prize is beforehand. There was a time when she was the lead singer of an all-female punk band. Later, she performed in a number of popular musicals, and then she went on to create some of the most tasteful pop music produced in Lithuania. An everlasting thirst for new pastures drove her to experiment, to try her hand at theatrical productions. She is a restless soul, whose musical hypnosis first captured the attention of those who love pop music with a twist almost ten years ago, and she has been reinventing herself with each new project ever since.

Jurga’s debut album Aukso pieva (The Golden Meadow, 2005) won every music award possible, including Best New Act and Best Album. Nebijok (Don’t be Afraid) was the hit of the year. Not someone to believe in her own hype, Jurga kept searching for new creative territories. For instance, her 2011 album MetroNomes was the backbone for a theatre project created in Moscow that involved pantomime actors and special visuals. It reflects the thoughts that came to Jurga’s mind while she was riding on the subway of the city that never sleeps. The constant need to evolve brought recognition from beyond Lithuania’s borders. Jurga won the Grand Prix at the Karlshamn Song Festival (Sweden), and in 2007 she became the first Lithuanian to win an MTV Europe award. Her musical soundscapes, both gentle and disturbing, a voice that sticks in your mind, and strange and twisted lyrics, resulted in her being called eccentric, and this is not likely to be changed by her latest studio albums. Breaking the Line (2013) was a collection of songs inspired by well-known movies. Giliai Vandeny (2015) turned to 1980s sounds for inspiration, and Not Perfect (2017) is a conceptual effort about not being afraid to make mistakes, showcasing Jurga’s rediscovered love of electronic pop. Surprising, emotional and experimental, Jurga’s songs provoke new thoughts every time you hear them.

Stream/download this: Nebijok / 5th Season/ No Pain no Gain