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„Beissoul & Einius“


Seductive, extravagant, weird, mysterious, stylish and outlandish. We could think of 50 other adjectives to describe Beissoul & Einius. Nothing is simple when it comes to this duo.

In December 2017, they held their biggest concert to date, entertaining several thousand fans in a packed arena in Vilnius, and presenting something they called ‘Electrofashion Show’. An impressive light and video show, a catwalk and 20 models showcasing special costumes created for the event, and that is almost an understated show by the standards of Beissoul & Einius. The singer Beissoul (that is how the Lithuanians pronounce ‘bass soul’, real name Artūras Žabas) and the producer Einius Jarutis have come a long way since they emerged on the Lithuanian pop scene in 2012. Gigs in Berlin, London and Kiev, wildly weird videos, a Best Electronic Act win at the Lithuanian music awards MAMA in 2016: in their home country, this duo are already very popular, and it would not be wise to bet against them making a significant international breakthrough during the next couple of years.

It all started when Beissoul appeared on a television show, becoming an overnight sensation. People were amazed by his voice, which seemed to come from the mouth of an American soul singer, not a former pantomime student from Vilnius. It was also immediately clear that this guy likes to put on a show. Beissoul claims he does not own a single pair of jeans, impresses us with his dance moves, and has ‘pop star’ written all over him. ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring,’ he says. And he has tunes to match the image: a passionate concoction of dance grooves, deep soulful vocals, and memorable melodic hooks.

The year 2014 saw the arrival of the duo’s debut album Laikas Paikas (Silly Time), followed by Chamillion in 2015. By that time, Beissoul & Einius had broken through in Ukraine, where they now play sold-out shows in the trendiest venues, and they are often featured in well-known magazines, from Vogue to Playboy. After successful gigs at the Europavox (France), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia) and Eurosonic (Netherlands) festivals, Beissoul & Einius are aiming for more international stages. #ASecretContract, their second full-length album, released in 2017, is more proof of this duo’s strong creative drive. They are many things. But boring they are not.

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