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„Brave Noises“


Brave Noises are a sextet of young jazz innovators with an ordinary composition: two saxophones (Kazimieras Jušinskas and Arminas Bižys), keyboard (Mantvydas Pranulis), guitar (Mindaugas Stumbras), bass (Ernest Germanovič) and percussion (Domas Snarskis), which however creates dashing and extraordinary music based on enthusiastic musical exploration, just as promised by the title of the band. Their musical world is not defined by any actual style, but reflects and fuses mainstream and free jazz expression, and instrumentalities of rock, folk, world and academic music. The repertoire of Brave Noises consists of original compositions mainly by the band’s leader, the keyboardist and composer Mantvydas Pranulis, characterised by minimalist aesthetics.

In fact, the story of Brave Noises began with the composition Apocallypse, which was born out of a student jamming session. The simplest bass riff and three-note motif sent the young performers into great ecstasy, which continues until this day.

Formed in 2015, the band won the young jazz musicians competition Vilnius Jazz Young Power that same year. They have already established themselves on the Lithuanian jazz scene, and released their debut CD Between the Dreams to great critical acclaim. Their ‘brave noises’ are already being heard abroad, too: the band has successfully performed in Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

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