Visits 2019




The United States, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Iceland, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Israel, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Georgia, Romania.


Interdisciplinary and visual arts, Theatre, Dance, Design, Music, Literature, Museology, Computer/video games


  1. Yang You, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing), Deputy Director (China);
  2. Jean-Michel Cheng, Xindong Chen Art Space for Contemporary Art, Founder, Curator, Collectionier (China);
  3. Zhongwang Fu, Hubei Museum of Art, director and International Sculpture Symposium in Hubei, Organiser, Sculptor (China);
  4. Chao Yang,  Xi’an Art Museum, Director (China);
  5. Paola Tognon, Museum of the City Livorno, Director; Contemporary Locus founder, Director, President (Italy);
  6. Elisa Bernardoni, Contemporary Locus, Project Supervisor, Vice President (Italy);
  7. Olga Polyanskaja, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Chief Archivist, Trustee of the Lithuanian collection (Russia);
  8. Yair Vardi, Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre, Director (Israel);
  9. Dominique Panchevre, Association „Normandie Livre&Lecture”, Director (France);
  10. Severine Garnier,  Association „Normandie Livre&Lecture”, Deputy Director (France);
  11. Agnieszka Wojciechowska, Wschód Kultury – Inne Brzmienia Art‘n‘Music Festival – one of the biggest music festival in Poland, organised by Warsztaty Kultury (Lublin), Program Director (Poland);
  12. Rafal Chwala, Wschód Kultury – Inne Brzmienia Art‘n‘Music Festival in Poland, Curator (Poland);
  13. Gilles Ledure,  Flagey Cultural Centre, Brussels, Director (Belgium);
  14. Alistair Robinson, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Director, Curator (United Kingdom);
  15. Monika Chojnacka, Hopster TV themed animated game for kids, Creative Director (United Kingdom);
  16. Li Ming, The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Vice President (China);
  17. Jie Ruan, The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Director of Performance & Exhibition Department (China);
  18. Wei Chen, The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Project Manager of Arts Education Department (China);
  19. Yi Lui, Shanghai Culture Exchange Agency, Executive Director (China);
  20. Wei Nie, Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, Director (China);
  21. Cathy Boyce, Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff), Creative Producer;
  22. John Chantler, Edition festival in Stockholm, Producer, Curator (Sweden);
  23. Liubov Morozova, Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival, Art Director; TV, radio in Kyiv, Author & Presenter of Music programme; The International Book Arsenal Festival in Kyiv, Organiser of Music program (Ukraine);
  24. Elena Tupyseva, The Theater Ballet Moscow- an innovative dance company, Director (Russia);
  25. Philippa Staffas, Stockholm Culture Festival, Artistic Director (Sweden);
  26. Sing Yuen Willy Tsao, BeijingDance/LDTX Dance Festival, City Contemporary Dance Company (HK), City Contemporary Dance Festival (HK), Founder, Artistic Director (China);
  27. Anna Woon Mei Cheng, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority in Hong Kong, Producer, Performing Arts (Dance) (China);
  28. Christian Watty, International Tanzmesse NRW, Advisor (Germany);
  29. Andrea K. Schlehwein, Netzwerk AKS. Platform for Contemorary Dance + Art, Artistic Director (Austria);
  30. Anastasiia Liubchenko, NGO Mime Wave (Amsterdam), Program Director / Mime Wave Festival (Kyiv), Artistic Director (Netherlands/ Ukraine);
  31. Tency Hyung-Jung Lee, LG Arts Center, Head of Programming and Marketing (South Korea);
  32. Lin Shen, Theatre Festivals in Beijing, Wuzhen, Shengzhou, Curator and Adviser; The Central Academy of Drama in China, professor of Theatre Department, Playwrighter (China);
  33. Qianwu Yang, Theatre Association in Beijing, Vice Chairman (China);
  34. Antonia Leitgeb, Theater Heidelberg, Production Manager of Heidelberger Stückemarkt 2020 (Germany);
  35. Alexandr Fedorenko, Kaliningrad Regional Drama theatre, Executive Producer (Russia);
  36. Heinrich Carstens, Positions Berlin, Munich, Basel Art Fairs, Director (Germany);
  37. Eric Schlosser, Tbilisi Art Fair, Artistic Director (Georgia);
  38. Johanna Chromik, Viennacontemporary, Artistic Director (Austria);
  39. Valentina Pokladova, The State History and Art Museum (Kaliningrad), Chief of Museum Department of Arts (Russia);
  40. Trofim Popov, National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad), Deputy Artistic Director of Department of Baltic Countries (Russia);
  41. Angels Miralda Tena, Survival Kit – Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Curator (Latvia);
  42. Valentin Dyakonov, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Curator (Russia);
  43. Stephanie Weber, Lenbachhaus Museum, Curator (Germany);
  44. Stefanie Böttcher, Kunsthalle Mainz, Director (Germany);
  45. Kelly Taxter, The Jewish Museum, Curator (USA / United States of America);
  46. Mariela Nagle,  Mundo Azul Berlin, (Germany);
  47. Francesco Urbano, Internet Saga, Curator (Italy);
  48. Francesco Ragazzi, Internet Saga, Curator (Italy);
  49. Sunjung Kim,  Gwangju Biennial, President, Curator (South Korea);
  50. Haeju Kim,  Art Sonje Center, Curator (South Korea);
  51. Keun-Hye LIM,  National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Curator (South Korea);
  52. Jongyoung LIM, Gwangju Museum of Art, Curator ( South Korea);
  53. Liam Murtaugh, Syndicate, Director (USA / United States of America);
  54. Karsten Wales Lund, The Renaissance Society, Curator (USA / United States of America);
  55. Yulia Burdun, Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts – ROSIZO in Kaliningrad, Deputy Director (Russia);
  56. Dariusz Kacprzak, The National Museum in Szczecin, Senior Curator, Deputy Director for Science (Poland);
  57. Paweł Śpiewak, Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Director (Poland);
  58. Anna Dunczyk-Szulc, Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Deputy Director, Curator, Co-curator of a permanent exhibition (Poland);
  59. Alfredo Cramerrotti, MOSTYN, Director (United Kingdom);
  60. Louise O’Kelly, Block Universe – London’s International Performance Art Festival, Founder, Curator (United Kingdom);
  61. Doron Rabina, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Senior Curator (Israel);
  62. Drorit Gur-Arie, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Director, Senior Curator (Israel);
  63. Lior Zalmanson, Print Screen Festival, Director (Israel);
  64. Charlotte Lowrey, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Curator (USA / United States of America);
  65. Marina McDougal, Philadelphia Art Alliance at the University of the Arts, Curator (USA / United States of America);
  66. Katerina Čiujeva, The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts, Director (Ukraine);
  67. Tetyana Sosnovska, National Museum of the History of Ukraine, Director (Ukraine);
  68. Kathleen Soriano, Independent Curator (United Kingdom);
  69. Klas Jonas Ellerström, Ellerström’ Publishing House, Translator, Editor of a periodical journal „Lyrikvännen” (Sweden);
  70. Asaf Ben David, InDnegev Festival, Founder, Artistic Director (Israel);
  71. Simon Strauss, Nuernberg.Pop Festival, Head of Conferences (Germany);
  72. Maja Starčevič, Exit Festival / AAA production, Concert Organiser, Program Manager (Serbia);
  73. Aino-Maria Paasivirta, Fullsteam Agency / Provinssi Festival, Concerts Organizer, Program Manager (Finland);
  74. Tom Kuehnel, Brecht Festival Augsburg, Director (Germany);
  75. Anneli Saro, Professor of Tartu University ( Estonia);
  76. Lauma Bartkevica, Member of Latvian Theatre Asociation (Latvia);
  77. Normunds Abots, Theatre Critic (Latvia);
  78. Zane Kreicberga, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Founder, Researcher (Latvia);
  79. Maija Pavlova, Gertrude Street Theatre, Producer (Latvia);
  80. Heidi-Liis Toome, Member of EstonianTheatre Union, Researcher, Critic, Lecturer of Tartu University (Estonia);
  81. Liisi Aibel, Member of EstonianTheatre Union, International Relations Coordinator (Estonia);
  82. Lennart Peep, Must Kast Theatre, Director (Estonia);
  83. Jim Ashilevi, Von Krahl Theatre, Producer (Estonia);
  84. Laur Kaunissaare, Playwright (Estonia);
  85. Mundel Barbara, Kammerspiele Theatre, Director (Germany);
  86. Juergen Popig, Heidelberg Theatre, Senior Dramaturgist (Germany);
  87. Luisa Hedo Martinez, Homo Novus Festival, Director (Spain);
  88. Li Xi, China Arts Entertainment Group, Project Manager of Culture Department (China);
  89. Fan Jing, China Arts Entertainment Group, Deputy General Manager (China);
  90. Pascal Keiser, La Manufacture, President (France);
  91. Marina Davydova, NET (New European Theatre), Artistic Director, Theatre Critic (Russia);
  92. Brigitta Persson, Sweden’s National Theatre (Riksteatern), Producer (Sweden);
  93. Eva Maria Dahlin, Sweden’s National Theatre (Riksteatern), Dramaturgist (Sweden);
  94. Asa Lindholm, Stockholm City Theatre, Dramaturgist (Sweden);
  95. Fredrika Rembe, Stockholm City Theatre, Producer (Sweden);
  96. Mojca Jug, Mladi levi Festival, Artistic Director (Slovenia);
  97. David Evans, National Theatre Wales, Producer ( United Kingdom);
  98. Victoria Korshunova, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Artistic Director (Russia);
  99. Juha Matti Kaupinnen, Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere Biennale, Tampere Vocal Music Festival, Artistic Director, Founder, Music Producer (Finland);
  100. Voicu Radescu, Green Hours Club, Managing Director & Founder (Romania);
  101. Jon Omar Arnason, Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Director (Iceland);
  102. Mark Christman, Ars Nova Workshop, Executive & Artistic Director (United States of America);
  103. Anna Marie Schluifelder,  Jazz Club Unteahrt, Director (Germany);
  104. Alfred Vogel, Bezau Beatz Festival, Artistic Director (Austria);
  105. Olena Zazulia, Odessa Classics Festival, Director (Ukraine);
  106. Oleg Botvinov, Odessa Classics Festival, Artistic Director (Ukraine);
  107. Emma Dean, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Curator (United Kingdom);
  108. Catherine Hemelryk, Centre for Contemporary Art Derry Londonderry, Director (North Ireland) ;
  109. Katie Simpson, Jupiter Woods studio, Curator (United Kingdom);
  110. Mirav Katri, Outset Israel ir Outset Bialik Residency, Director (Israel);
  111. Nitzan Wolanski, Outset Israel ir Outset Bialik Residency, Director of Development (Israel);
  112. Claire Migraine, Residency ACROSS (Nice), programme “Thankyouforcoming”, Director (France);
  113. Clelia Coussonet, Independent Curator, Art Editor, Writer (France);
  114. Madeleine Mathe, Centre d’art contemporain Chanot, Director and Curator (France);
  115. Loic le Gall, CAC Passerelle (Brest), Director, Curator (France);
  116. Melanie Alves de Sousa, Fondation Cartier, programme „Soirées nomades” Artistic Director and Curator (France);
  117. Anne Laure Belloc, Printemps de septembre (Toulouse), Head of Programming, Curator (France);
  118. Caroline Ferreira, The Centre Pompidou, festival “Move”, Artistic Director and Curator (France);
  119. Giulio Verago, VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Curator (Italy);
  120. Patrizia Brusarosco, VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Curator (Italy);
  121. Angelika Nollert, The Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Director (Germany);
  122. Joseph Strasser, The Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Curator (Germany);
  123. Agata Adamowicz, Szczezin Philharmonic, Culture Events Senior Project Manager (Poland);
  124. Zuzanna Waligorska, Szczezin Philharmonic, Curator of Exhibitions (Poland);
  125. Carmit Sapir Weitz, Maariv, Cultural Journalist (Israel);
  126. Olena Kashuba-Volvach, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Head of of Research Department (Ukraine);
  127. Yulia Lytvynets, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Director (Ukraine);
  128. Janika Gelinek, Literarturhaus Berlin, Director (Germany);
  129. Cornelia Zetzsche, Bayern Radio, Presenter and editor (Germany);
  130. Claudia Sinnig, Translator to German language (Germany);
  131. Jürgen Kuttner, Brecht Festival Augsburg,  Co-director (Germany);
  132. Isabel Kupski, Fisher Verlag Publishing House, Editor (Germany).