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The sound of Skeldos might not be perceived as folk at first. It does not feature any traditional motifs and is mostly electronic, although the author of the project, Vytenis Eitminavičius, also quite often uses the earthy, slow-droning layers of harmonica or accordion in his pieces. However, a deep affinity with what folk music is about at its core will reveal itself to an attentive and open-minded listener. One might say that the long ambient sonic trips of Skeldos transmit some profound codes embedded in traditional Lithuanian culture and its vision of the human world as inseparable from nature. Thus, it has every right to be called contemporary folklore for people who have grown up in post-industrial environments, yet constantly long for vast, melancholic natural landscapes and their seasonal change. In other words, Skeldos is a contemporary way of speaking of things which have remained essentially unchanged over centuries. This is particularly evident in the distinctive brooding spoken-word lyrics in Lithuanian, which give the project half of its emotional depth and power.

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