Laiminguo_Eglė Girskaitė

The Laiminguo trio was founded by the core members of an earlier group Sen Svaja, the sisters Agota and Dorotė Zdanavičiūtė, and is a more refined concentrate of their musical ideas. With the addition of Rytis Girskas, a sitar, sarod, and bansuri player skilled in Indian ragas, Laiminguo’s treatment of traditional Lithuanian folklore gives it a world music tinge, although never veering too far away from its authentic core. The group’s songs on its so far only self-titled album are dreamy and ethereal voyages into musical witchery that are as meditative as they are uplifting, and are a celebration of sisterhood, a prominent theme in the Lithuanian folk ethos in general. Laiminguo prefer to situate their live performances within events dedicated to reviving ages-old culture such as archaeology festivals and medieval fairs, where their music is most at home and reveals its magic and ritualistic quality. The sisters also actively engage in teaching sutartinės, targeting urban dwellers for whom their singing workshops are often the first introduction to the folk music world.

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