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„Colours of Bubbles“


Colours of Bubbles are one of Lithuania’s best rock bands, and they can prove it. In 2015, these earnest lads triumphed in front of 10,000 people in Lithuania’s biggest arena (and hundreds of thousands watching on television), when they took home an MAMA award (Lithuania’s answer to the Grammy) for the Best Rock Act. But that is far from the only sign of approval they received over the years. In 2017, they won a Balcony TV award: their live performance video beat competition from thousands of other bands from all over the world. In 2017, they performed in front of a huge crowd on Cathedral Square in Vilnius, an honour usually reserved for the most interesting and outstanding Lithuanian bands. Earlier that year, they played a gig at Siemens Arena, the biggest concert and sports hall in Vilnius. And they finished 2017 in style, performing several sold-out concerts with a chamber orchestra (the recording of this event will be released as a live album in 2018).

Colours of Bubbles, it seems, are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and it is a beautiful thing indeed. You see, these lads have paid their dues, rising from sweaty underground watering holes to the stages of the biggest music festivals in the region. For more than ten years now, they have been fascinating fans with their modern indie rock sound, inspired by both British and American music. Hailing from Šiauliai, a city often labelled ‘the Lithuanian Manchester’, the band has played in every corner of the Baltic States, and has also toured in Finland (the Lost in Music Festival), Poland, Germany (the legendary Reeperbahn festival), the Netherlands, France and Ukraine, sharing the stage with the likes of Glasvegas, and other well-known rock bands. Their debut album Inspired by a True Story, released in 2014, offered a darker, deeper sound, while their sophomore effort She is the Darkness in 2016 showcased a fascination with cinematic sound and big choruses. Having created the soundtracks for a couple of theatre performances, played around 200 gigs, and recorded a number of rock anthems, Colours of Bubbles continue to win over new legions of fans.

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