Mindaugas Žilionis


Modular furniture: SPYNDI
Created: 2016

The prototype of this multifunctional item of furniture was first presented at the Neformate design competition in 2007.  Its initial name, Spina, ideally reflected the theme of the exhibit Two In One; it won first prize. The concept is unique – the construction of the furniture system allows its segments to be combined and the free-form result conforms to the contours of the body. The idea for the design was born in an instant, but as the designer admits, the process from design concept to a fully functioning prototype took nine years. In 2009, he collaborated with the entrepreneurs Raimonda Klimašauskaitė and Andrius Pateckis.  The project SPYNDI was launched on Kickstarter and subsequently gained international attention. The structure of SPYNDI consists of more than 1,200 inter-connected wooden components made of either Lithuanian or Latvian birch. They are polished to an extraordinary smoothness and are coated in natural materials, suitable for both inside and outside use. It can be called a ‘smart’ item of furniture; it can be arranged in as many as 27 configurations. A special collection of accessories has also been designed for it. This piece of furniture has been shown at various international exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad over the last ten years.  In 2012, Mindaugas Žilionis was awarded the Good Design prize for this project.

Mindaugas Žilionis (1974) completed his Master’s specializing in product, furniture and interior design at the Department of Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1997.  He has participated in local and international exhibitions since 1995.  He has received many important awards for his design objects:  his table Bolero took second place at the Baldai furniture competition in 2010; in 2011, his desk Mobili won first place at the Baldai furniture competition, the chair Adomas (designed by Žilionis and Indra Marcinkevičienė) was awarded the Good Design prize in 2012, and his desk Workaholic was awarded a diploma prize at Good Design 2015.