Denis and Neringa Orlenok


Urban light fixture AZ7
Created: 2017
Manufacturer: AZlab

A minimalist urban light fixture is the newest project created by the designer duo Denis and Neringa Orlenok. This fixture is unique in that it functions as a circadian illuminator, with the remote capability to adjust and control the colour temperature and intensity of light beams according to diurnal variations. This allows the efficient management of electrical power and contributes to energy conservation. The selected manufacturing process can produce units of varying length and integrate supplementary light sources (from 2 to 10) according to specifications. The light fixtures are suitable not only for a variety of exterior spaces, but also for interior lighting at manufacturing facilities.

The young designer duo of Denis (born 1990) and Neringa (born 1989) Orlenok are both graduates of the Department of Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.  The Orlenok duo seeks to combine aspects of art and technology, science and business in their creative processes. They draw their inspiration from natural phenomena and object configurations. In the everyday they search for a balance between minimalism and the Danish way of life known as ‘Hygge’. Both designers also create projects individually, and actively participate in exhibitions, competitions, and creative workshops. Denis is known for his innovative engineering projects, such as The Vinci, which won the IF Design Award in 2014 and ToyBic which was granted the Silver International Design Award in 2015. Denis has worked extensively with the designer Deividas Juozulynas, for example, collaborating with brands such as Tenesys and LigoWave, etc. Neringa Orlenok specializes in children’s creativity projects, one of the best known being the light table Monai on which she worked with Edu2. It won the Gold A’ Design Award in 2017.