Loft No. 2 (a loft apartment in the former Radiotechnik factory). Category: residential interior
Construction: 2008–2010
Address: Taraso Ševčenkos g., Vilnius
Architect: Dmitrij Kudin

Established in 2005, Inblum has executed a number of original public and private interior projects that have won local and international awards in interior design competitions. Headed by Dmitrij Kudin and Laura Malcaitė, the team creates inspired and creatively defined spaces that are known for their strong emotional character.

One of the first loft-style residential spaces in Vilnius, Loft No. 2, conceived by Kudin, became an impetus for new ideas and experimentation. The unconventional space of an abandoned manufacturing plant inspired the architect to design an open plan composed of functional zones, and to expose the surviving structures. He set out to create a functional contemporary living space with minimal means. The interior is distinguished by the details created specifically for this project, as well as for its bold and unexpected solutions. The character of the space is enhanced by reflections from the cast flooring, and the ambiance of the bathroom is created by moisture-resistant veneer panels. The interior was awarded prizes in many interior design competitions, and the successful implementation of the project contributed to the growing popularity in Lithuania of lofts as living spaces.