Lithuanian Culture Institute

EU “Creative Europe” Programme

Creative Europe 2014-2020 is a European Union programme dedicated to supporting European culture, film, television, music, literature, theatre, heritage and related areas.

The programme is based on the successful experience of two past initiatives, Culture and MEDIA, which supported the culture and audio-visual sectors for twenty years. This new programme consists of two sub-programmes: Culture, which offers subsidies for the performing and visual arts, cultural heritage and other areas, and MEDIA, which finances initiatives in the film and audio-visual sectors. Creative Europe 2014-2020 will provide 1.46 billion euros in financial assistance for strengthening Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. The aim of the programme is to conserve and promote Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity and to foster its cultural richness by contributing to Europe’s goal of progressive, sustainable, and integrated growth. It assists the cultural and creative sectors to adjust to the changes brought on by globalization and the digital era. It aims to open up new international opportunities, markets, and audiences.

Creative Europe is coordinated by the Lithuanian Culture Institute along with the Lithuanian Film Centre. Lithuania’s Creative Europe Desk is a part of the network of participating countries; its operations are financed in part by the European Commission. The Creative Europe Culture Desk has been established within the Lithuanian Culture Institute. It is responsible for promoting the Culture sub-programme and offers complimentary consultations for applicants.

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